Technonews is an online magazine directed by prof. Mario Ricciardi, entirely dedicated to science and technology issues .

Screencity Lab

Screencity Lab is a cultural association created to promote and realize cultural activities as well as scientific research in the fields of New Media, Visual Art, Design, Architecture, Environment, Technologies, Media Enviornment and Arts in general. Screencity Lab fosters an interdisciplinary and cross-medial approach and counts on an international network. It works as observatory providing analisys, consulting services and strategic projecting. Screencity Lab edits an international academic publication called Screencity Journal (quaterly).

StoryCode Torino

10628014_304424149747855_4950200558597948712_nStoryCode Turin: it’s a community open to those who are interested in various forms of transmedia storytelling.


Doc/it works since 1999 to increase the visibility of the world of the Italian documentary. The Association is recognized in Italy and abroad as the official representative body of producers and authors of the Italian documentary. The aim of Doc / it is to promote the cinema of the real, support its development and work for its wider distribution. To realize its mission works on different areas which are: coordinate and promote the activities of companies and authors of the industry; participate and contribute to festivals, exhibitions and markets; play an awareness to the institutions; promote projects, research, cataloging, archives, collection of projects and information; organize workshops, seminars, courses to spread the culture of the documentary. As witness of the value of its permanent activity made for its members and in general the country’s culture, Doc / it, the only one among the subjects of the national audiovisual sector, obtained the juridical recognition since 2006. This means it can be the beneficiary of “donations” from companies and private entities which can fully deduct that donation from their taxable income.

eb800d55c6f0176e166b1567b2249535_lIDS (Italian Doc Screening)

The IDS (Italian Doc Screening) is the biggest event on the documentary scene in Italy, one of the most important in Europe, the best occasion to talk about documentary,find coproduction partners, buy and sell films, present projects and meet broadcasters.broadcaster.

CNC (Centro Nazionale del Cortometraggio)

14470568_1113767268699039_7664590315771835457_nThe Italian Short Film Center is an AIACE Nazionale (Italian Association of Arthouses) project realized jointly with the Museo Nazionale del Cinema (National Cinema Museum) and supported by the MiBACT (the Ministry of Fine Arts and Cultural Activities), the Regione Piemonte (Piedmont Region) and the bank foundation, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Torino. It was set up in 2007 as a film library and agency to promote Italian shorts. The Center has, to date, restored and digitalized 300 films (film and magnetic tape). It operates on domestic productions of all genres up to a maximum of 30’. The Center operates on major international markets and acts as an interface at festivals and for foreign buyers. Furthermore, it provides information about the production and distribution of Italian shorts. The Italian Short Film Center does not dispense funding of any sort but organizes trade meetings both at home and abroad in conjunction with the leading institutions operating in the sector, such as the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival.

Hryo Human Rights Youth Organization 

11937966_1041902925842493_9107101899068707901_nThe HRYO – Human Rights Youth Organization is non-profit, non-governmental organisation founded in Palermo in 2009 with the aim to strengthen the Human Rights at a local and global level. Vision: The Human Rights Youth Organization believes in a world governed by peace and mutual understanding. We see education as an essential aspect towards creating a reality that promotes and protects human dignity, all aspects of equality and sustainability. As an organization we see the importance in supporting local action and developing the potential of a single human being, for small changes lead to big process.

3d9c691fd3a1e80f63a4a70c2a2e3155_lSicily Web Fest

The Sicily Web Fest is the first sicilian web festival created with the aim to promote the art of filming through the web.

fe8bfc1b99c9ede76699e9aaec65452f_lEfebo D’Oro

The International Efebo d’Oro Award, which is organised by the Research Centre for Cinema and Narrative, was started in November 1978 to counter the decline of cinema due to television. From its foundation to 2013, the prize’s ceremony was hosted in the city of Agrigento, then it was moved to Palermo. Well-established in the landscape of the National Film Awards for its originality and illustrious figures who have participated in the various editions, the prize has been officially recognized also by the Italian Ministry of Heritage and Culture.

00d9b1e39f02d57be65ad2a9a6eaa3b8_lRoma Webfest

Roma WebFest is the first italian festival about webseries. It promotes the convergence between traditional market of the films and new writing and producing forms of audiovideo developed by the web.

edc0638bab3e8797f6e26ab82f87fc49_lRIO WEBFEST

The Rio Web Fest is the first international festival in Brazil dedicated to webseries.

10a451d868feb5fd854c1535dddc148e_lROME WEB AWARDS

Rome Web Awards is the first italian indipendent festival about webseries and webshorts.

Sicilia Queer

Sicilia Queer is the only sicilian internationl festival about queer which aims to promote opposition to social discrimination and spread the culture of diversity (of sexual orientation, of thought, ways of life).


CLAC – centro laboratorio arti contemporanee is an association of young cultural operators. CLAC was created in Palermo to workcreatively and independently on cultural activities in Sicily: it deals with ideation, organization, promotion and production of cultural projects locally activating synergies with operators in Italy and abroad. It also deals with sustainable development based on social and cultural promoting participatory planning of local growth.

1795658_359827857493042_647306603_nWeb Séries Mag

Web Séries Mag is a blog created by Joël Bassaget that analyzes the webseries world in 360 °.

15871990_1316973281697045_543517804703707186_nWSWC (Web Series World Cup)

 Web Series World Cup (WSWC), is an online event created and run by Joël Bassaget, founder of the blog Web Series Mag with the aim of setting up a competition that would create a connection between the webfests around the world promoting the webseries and their creators.

15941510_971093096357118_7788282754093334056_nWWW (World Wide WebSerie)

World Wide WebSerie comes from a thesis and aims to study and to know every aspect of the webseries phenomenon, placing itself as a space for analysis, discussion and support.

18766022_1442797722456830_6537488892205711696_nSeul WebFest (K WebFest)

 SEOUL WEB FEST (KWEB FEST) in South Korea is the very first web series festival in Korea & Northeast Asia and only one webfest in Asia. Our goals are to expand the festival so it can become a viable provider of quality content on an international scale. Our intention is to create a place that nurtures and cultivates upcoming creators. We invite you to a new paradigm of festival where you can take part in screenings, network parties, an award show and gain access to distributors, filmmakers, writers, producers, funding etc.

e8376032Bilbao Seriesland

Bilbao Seriesland is one of the most anticipated event of online entertainment in the Basque Country.

WFB_Logo_Purple_symbol_leftWebfest Berlin

Webfest Berlin is Germany’s first international web series festival.

Web Fest Federation (WFF) 

The World Wide Indipendent Awards is the first and the only world wide award of the web pointing to sponsor young talents and video makers from all over the world by rewarding the best works of each country geographically divided until the absolute best work in the world.

World Web Independent Awards

The Web Fest Federation (WFF) is the first official federation associating all best international web festival around the world. The Web Fest Federation aim is to identify, promote and advertise the highest quality festivals and to propose to web videomakers and web creatives the finest selection of events where to subscribe their works. A selected jury of Advisers, chosen from the world of videomakers, experts and web creatives will supervise each international festival, assigning a score. The festivals exceeding the quality threshold will receive a cockade as certificate of excellence, immediately recognizable to subscribers.

17191242_1274736165948573_1030370324719196539_n NewsWip 

NewsWip is a webradio program dedicated to webseries and web native video productions.

50314570_759544931099151_3849759919628615680_nBebop Radio

Bebop Radio is a cultural association that has as its objective the cultural and social promotion of the positive realities of our territory that are cultural, sporting, corporate or other, our interest is only that they must be positive.