The OBSERVATORY OF DIGITAL MEDIA investigates the scenario of contemporary media related to Web and Mobile, focusing especially on Web Cinema, Web TV, Webseries, Webdocs, Apps, and Social Network. It focuses its analysis on the relations between technologies (device and software), market, fruition models, narrative practices and forms, information construction, platforms, user profiling, forms of sharing, participation, circulation, and interactivity: Cross-media and Transmedial Storytelling, Gamification, and Convergence.

Università degli studi di Palermo Università degli studi di Palermo

The Università degli studi di Palermo, or Panormitana Studiorum Universitas, was founded in 1805 from the previous Regia Accademia degli Studi. It is one of the major italian universities for the number of entries.


JUJO™, Inc., was founded by Antonio Gentile. JUJO participates in the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), Digital publishing, and Self-publishing through its new platform “Bookenberg“. The mission of JUJO is to free authors from any constraints separating them from their intended audience and the entertainment capabilities of new devices.


RAI (Radio Televisione Italiana SpA) is the public broadcasting service in Italy.

Sicilia Film CommissionSicilia Film Commission

Sicilia Film Commission (“Film Commission Regione Sicilia” service of the Regional Department of Cultural Heritage, Environment and Permanent Education, established by DDG n. 6440 of June 28th 2007), under the regional laws 14/2006 and 16/2007, promotes and improve the artistic and environmental heritage and professional and technical resources of the island, creating also conditions to attract italian and foreign films, television and advertising. Sicilia Film Commission supports productions and distribution of audiovisual works produced in Sicily and coordinates the industry initiatives such as festivals, projects of study and researches. It also manages the “Regional Fund for the cinema and audiovisual sector”, recently established, which was activated since 2008, to promote the heritage of the Sicilian Regional Film Library (OU 33rd, which it is mandatory legal deposit of films and audiovisuals made with the economic contribution of the Sicilian Region.

Film Commission Torino PiemonteFilm Commission Torino Piemonte

Operating since September 2000, Film Commission Torino Piemonte’s main goal is to promote Piedmont and its capital city, Turin, as an excellent film location and working place for film and television productions. Attracting to the area Italian and foreign productions and supporting the local film and television industry, FCTP points to create new working opportunities for professionals involved in this sector. FCTP main activity is to support all film and television production companies which choose Piedmont and its area to produce their works, by offering a series of services as: screenplay first analysis, location scouting, support in obtain all the shooting permits through council and province administration, and the organization of the film preview of the film on the territory or in festivals. FCTP can also reduce some of the production costs with incentives depending on the economical impact/investment guaranteed by the production company on the territory also measured in terms of local artist, technical crew involved in the production and accommodation costs. FCTP also offers economical support thanks to 2 important instruments: PIEMONTE DOC FILM FUND, the first Film Fund in Italy exclusively dedicated to support documentaries produced by companies and film-makers based in Piemonte and projects on subjects related to the local area; FIP (FILM INVESTIMENTI PIEMONTE) a revolving fund, created to invest in projects with potential for high economic returns in the Piedmond region and/or an original editorial structure.


Prix Italia, under the Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic, Patronage of the Ministry of National Heritage and Culture and under the aegis of the Board of Directors of Rai, is the most prestigious and oldest International Competition, a remarkable and lively window for displaying and amplifying Radio, TV and Web programmes of excellence (drama, documentaries, music and artistic representations) Over 90 public and private radio/television broadcasters compete all together representing 5 continents.


OmniaPictures is a company devoted to the development and management of content for all media.

Motion PixelMotion Pixel

Motion Pixel is proposed as a complete solution for making videos and films, from conception to production, from shooting to editing: careful direction, for excellent audio-visual products. Professionalism, technique and technology to serve businesses and privates. Motion Pixel designs and creates interactive multimedia installations, capable of conveying personalized content in highly innovative ways.

Festival IMMaginarioFestival IMMaginario

IMMaginario Festival is dedicated to the new languages of film, television, radio and new media and social media.


Founded in 2011, after over 15′ years experience in the production and post production music and cinema business. Iter-Research has entered into exclusive worldwide administration and publishing agreement with highly creative roster of artists, composers, sound desingers, connected with music and transmedia content production. Based on a studio network, Iter-Research clients are directors, documentarist, producer of movies, advertising agencies, creatives, videogame developers and publishers, multimedia publishers, software house, museums, transmedia content producers. It works on creative and executive aspects of interactive and immersive experience like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, focusing on synch/be spoke rights negotiation at an international level. Iter-Research now manages exclusively a very diverisified music catalogue including Techno, Electroacoustic, Electronic genre, and a national and international label roster. It offers consulence on copyright and music supervision for media content. Roster&Company relationships are: Mario Bajardi , Jolly Mare, Da Lukas, Grand River, Komplex, Tone Float, YWD, Conures, Mosaicoon, LEB Film, Gravitè Records, Out-Er Records, Inkblots Records, OmniaPictures, Twisted Tools, WWEG etc.. Iter-Research is member of Association for Electronic Music (AFEM)

17191242_1274736165948573_1030370324719196539_n NewsWip

NewsWip is the radio talk dedicated to web series and video productions born from the web. The project is realized in collaboration with EmergingSeries, and is broadcast on the university radio Libertà di Frequenza.
In each episode we interview a WIP (Web Important Person) of the world of web series, in general an actor or a director, but also bloggers and organizers of webfestivals.


Semantic2018Semantic Sounds

Semantic Sounds was founded to promote the artists, their image and their music. We are a promotional network constantly focused on research high quality music that has an important meaning and can convey strong emotions.

Our goal is to help the artists to spread their music to a large audiance.
We support all kinds of music!We also offer many services and products (for example: Sample Packs, Repost Services, Personal PR Campaigns, Artworks, Mixing & Mastering and more) to fully satisfy your wishes and to project towards the realization of your dreams.Remember:
“Success is not inherited, you have to conquer it.
Be ambitious, we help you to LEAVE YOUR MARK”.
We are also an media press agency and for this we take care of keeping constantly informed our fans/followers on all music news and updates from around the world