Michele Pinto tells us the #WENDIEWEBFEST2017

Wendie Webfest has been my first webfestival outside Italy. After 20 kermesses attended in my country, I’ve found the same hospitality and enthusiasm as if I was at mediterranean latitude. Continue reading Michele Pinto tells us the #WENDIEWEBFEST2017


The Expats: Afroitalian People in the World

“I moved to New York a year ago, leaving home and a great family..I needed to change, to grow..” these are the voice-over words  we hear in the trailer of The Expats while watching a silent white girl choosing a dress, taking a bus, strolling around… “My name is Sarah, I’m 25, I’m from Milan and this is my story”. Suddenly the camera moves to a black girl with afro hair: she’s the one who’s talking. Continue reading “The Expats: Afroitalian People in the World”

Non ci disturbi mai: A webseries about the Worker’s Rights

Non ci disturbi mai (You never bother us) is a 7 episodes drama-comic webseries directed by Leonardo Settimelli and produced by Filcam Cgil. The characters of these episodes come from fantasy’s worlds: for exampe there are Cindarella, Baywatchers and Mary Poppins. The message that the webseries wants to convey to the audience is the relevance to know all that work rights that every worker should … Continue reading Non ci disturbi mai: A webseries about the Worker’s Rights

The Rome Web Awards publish 2017 EXCELLENCE AWARDS winners!

After the Merit Awards acclaim, here are the names of work for EXCELLENCE Awards category. The Rome Web Awards Board congratulates with all participants for the high quality of work in competition, that put Jury in real trouble to decide the best works. This year have been awarded not only the best artists and works, but also YOUTUBERS, GAMERS and the BEST YOUTUBE CHANNELS. The … Continue reading The Rome Web Awards publish 2017 EXCELLENCE AWARDS winners!

Escuola de Canotaje

The school staff of women’s rowing tries to do everything possible to bring the club forward. To achieve this goal, the team decides to meet one goal: represent Uruguay at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Additional Info ORIGINAL TITLE: Escuela de Canotaje PRODUCTION: Canal-M CO-PRODUCTION: Montevideo Portal MEDIA: Corporate website COUNTRY: Uruguay YEAR: 2015 DIRECTOR: Gastón Armagno CAST: Natalia Sogbe, Vero Dobrich, … Continue reading Escuola de Canotaje

The Fourth Door

The story of one woman’s journey with a young boy named Colin that she protects as they navigate the strange and dangerous world of Limbo. On this journey, Lain must confront memories and monstrous fears to save herself and the man she loves. Additional Info ORIGINAL TITLE: The Fourth Door PRODUCTION: New Form Digital MEDIA: Corporate website COUNTRY: USA YEAR: 2015 DIRECTOR: Tony Valenzuela CAST: … Continue reading The Fourth Door


A few weeks before Halloween, Emma, Rachel, Luke, and Hunter decide to video-chat and share their scariest stories. When Emma tells her real-life story-that her neighbor committed suicide and is linked to a string of suicides/homicides in her area-things start to get tense. The group investigates further and finds out that these deaths happen to be linked to a website, and all the deceased have … Continue reading CYBERSPACE


Chronos is an anthology series, where every episode takes the point of view of a different character. The series is set in a world where time travels exists in the form of natural disasters aptly called, “time storms.” These storms are completely random and cannot be prevented or controlled. The people of this world are forced to deal with the ensuing chaos as they are … Continue reading CHRONOS

3U – La Notte dell’Uomo

3U is a 8 episodes webseries based on the novel “Three Men” by Andrea Conti, winner of the edition 2014 of the prize Mondolibro and edited by Guaraldi. The web series 3U is an independent self-produced project, which unites young talents in the field of visual arts, literary arts and advertising marketing of Rimini. Additional Info ORIGINAL TITLE: 3U – La Notte Dell’Uomo PRODUCTION: Stefano … Continue reading 3U – La Notte dell’Uomo