The fourth edition of #SicilyWebFest is starting

The sirocco blows toward Gibellina, together with the Web Wind: Sicily Web Fest 2018 starts today its two-days edition, for the first time as guest of the Scirocco Wine Fest.

The fourth year of SWF, founded by Riccardo Cannella and his Cinnamon Production, will begin at 5:30 pm at Palazzo di Lorenzo for the opening ceremony, consisting in the jury and guest presentation, before a welcome toast.

At 8:30 pm, at the Sistema delle Piazze, some of the series in competition (this year more than 100) will be presented, along with some of their authors. The live shows of Shakalab and Ben Dj will conclude the first day.

We will be present for the whole event with news and live streaming videos on the site and the socials.

For all the informations visit the website here

Calogero Gambino


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