Estremi rimedi (Extreme Reliefs): A Comedy Webseries About Job Market in the Age of Social Networks

Estremi rimedi is a comedy webseries by Francesco Mazza and Daniele Silvio Balestrino. They play also the main characters. Francio and Silvio are thirty-year-old without money. They are searching for a job in Milan and try to reach a turning point in several ways: by seducing a divorced mother, becoming fashion bloggers, having absurd interviews and getting hired as social media managers.

Silvio suggests exceptional measures to make some money; on the other hand Francio is a hopeless pessimist and, after every failure, finds solace by assuming Xanax and watching Mentana’s TV program. All of their plans to get a job go wrong. Their attempt to become fashion blogger is really clumsy. Even if they took a picture with a dog searching for followers on Instagram, they only get one like after 24 hours. Users online are unpredictable: they get interested in a peddler’s clothing, accidentally photographed by Francio and Silvio. Francio and Silvio have a chance to publish better viral contents when they get hired as social media managers, another profession which emerged after the digital revolution.

estremi rimedi 2

Once again the webseries makes you laugh through exaggeration and paradoxes. Nowadays international brands and small or medium-sized enterprises are always involved in social communication. Even ISIS, in Estremi rimedi fictional world, has a communication department. It’s here that Francio and Silvio work. However they have to face their belonging to the “middle generation”: they are too young to benefit from the welfare state of the past and too old compared to millennials. The webseries talks ironically about the issues of Italian job market, making fun of the marketing language, the internet memes and the rising obsession of corporations for digital work and social medias. The way the authors deal with issues, well-known by Italian unemployed, is peculiar.

estremi rimedi 3

Estremi rimedi talks about the problematic new professions, the difficulties in having interviews in order to get hired by companies that are not going to recruit (it’s famous the catchphrase “there’s no money!”), the failures of young unemployed that try to “invent” a job. The webseries talks about all of these themes in humorous tone, apparently. The bitter aftertaste behind every laugh is impossible to hide.

The 4 episodes are available online on YouTube and are produced in collaboration with Lombardia Film Commission.

Claudio Macaluso


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