La Strategia dell’Acqua: How to Survive in a Swiss Bank that Becomes Chinese

Coffee and imagination are the only two things that allow Giona, a consultant to a small branch of a Swiss bank, to survive the long, ordinary and always predictable work days. Suddenly, however, the boring daily routine is broken by the acquisition of the branch by a Chinese financial group.

The Art of War of Sun Tzu becomes the new “bible” of a bank that quickly turns into a battlefield and employees only have to decide whether to adapt to changes and survive or resist and die.

Giona has the unpleasant task of cutting a head among his colleagues. Which of them will suffer this fate? Between alliances, tactics, fights and changes of strategy, the situation will take an unexpected turn.

Produced by Swiss e-Motion GmbH in co-production with RSI – Swiss Radiotelevision / SRG SSR, La Strategia dell’Acqua is a webseries that, inspired by the banking world, speaks in a comic and irriverent way of the everyday work of all of us, touching very current themes.


Directed by Fabio Pellegrinelli, the webseries was born from the idea of ​​Antonella Anastasia, Andrea Stephani and Samuela Lepori in 2015 inside the RSI Web Series Lab, a platform dedicated to experimentation of new audiovisual languages ​​and new production methods, as well as a showcase, a real place for online discussion where the public can view the projects of new products, evaluate them, express their opinion and actively contribute to their creation.

Among the main actors of the webseries we find Davide Strava (Giona), Alexandra Camposampiero (Nicole), Rocco Schira (Ivan), Diego Benzoni (Marco), Giancarlo Previati (the director Pietro Camenisch).

The series, online since January 29, consists of 7 episodes of about 7-10 minutes each and it is available on the website and on the YouTube channel of the RSI.

Stefania Ingrassia


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