The Slide Projector: A Webseries which Aims to Be a Full-Length Film

The Slide Projector is the first web series by Mirko Zaru, and it was presented at the 13th edition of Passaggi D’Autore Festival, in the category of the best series of Mediterranean area, coordinated by EmergingSeries. It is a thriller shot in Oristano, Sardinia. The lazy Victor Martinez is the protagonist: a night guard in an Ethnographic museum where he’ll deal with some creepy mysteries. The slide projector of the title  is the pivot of a series of unexpected events.

Zaru explained how the early intention was to shoot a movie; the idea of the web series format came after dealing with lack of budget. He told us: “I embodied many professional roles in order to minimize the production costs […]. The locations were available just for two hours per day: two hours for preparing the equipment, shooting, and leaving. 6 episodes of twenty minutes were shot in 16 days, but the whole duration of shot doesn’t exceed 25 hours. The Slide Projector was made possible thanks to all the people contributing to its realization, sacrificing their time for free”


The movie vocation is often noticeable in many elements of the project: the length of the episodes and the complexity of the plot chronology are unusual and maybe not too apt to the world of web series. Zaru explained: “the first script of The slide Projector was more linear: In the planning of the series I tried to add elements intended to arouse curiosity and suspense among the episodes […] its numerous chronological jumps would not be necessary in a proper movie. However I like this intricate plot: it’s a psychological thriller, so I already expected that the first three episodes would be quite confusing. From now on, the spectator can appreciate a precise direction”.

The series is also much inspired by genres typical of cinema, like pulp and horror. When the latter merges, Zaru offers the best moments in his work, thanks to a good mastery of atmosphere and tension and a good technical result despite the low budget. Here, among the corridors of the museum, various element manage to thrill, waiting for the next three episodes. Zaru said: “the already known episodes are going to be re-posted with a better diction. Then, on February 16th, the fourth episode will be on the web.”

In the Meanwhile, Zaru’s project won at Roma Cinema Doc, it got a prize at Rome Web Fest and it accessed finals in various festivals among the world: “This experience clearly taught me much about the world of cinema, ruthless if you don’t know how to manage. Still, you have the opportunity to know people sharing your same ideas though living far away. Festivals improve connections among artists. I hope to begin a collaboration with the new friends I met, because I appreciate them for their hard work”

Calogero Gambino



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