#RomaWebAwards: subscription extention!

The Rome Web Awards board is glad to announce that the subscription deadline has been extended to 31 January 2018.
Choose your categories:
Comedy, Drama, Dramedy, War/Action, SciFi/Fantasy Comedy e No Comedy, LGBT, Animazione, Cult/ Original, No Fiction/Documentary/Reality, Horror, Thriller, FASHION/Art, Romance, Social, Fan Film, Sit Com, Musical/Videoclip e Sketch.

We remind tha you can submit yout Web Series, short film, Fan film, documentary, Videoclip, Reality and any web work.
The Italian Web Oscars are coming back, “Are you ready for the golden stars?”

RWA date 2018:
Subscription End: 31/01/2018
Official Selection: 01/03/2018
MERIT Nominations: March 23/24/25 – 2018
MERIT Awards: April 20/21/22 – 2018
EXCELLENCE Nominations: May 13 – 2018
EXCELLENCE Awards: June 02 – 2018

link: www.romewebawards.com


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