#TSFM: the Digita! Program is on line

It’s now on line the definitive program of Digita!, the section dedicated on digital content crated by Simone Arcagni and organized with our support, that will open the three days of Torino Short Film Market. Next 29th November, at Circolo dei Lettori di Torino ( via Bogino, 9), the authors of the projects selected through the call launched last July will discuss with national and international players between round tables, pitching, talks and one to one meetings, laying the foundations for a concrete dialogue on the market and on the present and future of digital content. But here is the detailed program:

9.30 a:m – Sala Grande

Digita! | Round table (1st part)

Producers, players and broadcasters will gather to discuss production and the market for digital contents. An informal round table in which experience, thoughts and proposals will be shared.

Janet De Nardis (Palomar e Roma Web Fest), Leonardo Ferrara (Rai Fiction), Alessandra Genco and Lucia Vesco (Mosaicoon), Gianluca Guzzo (MyMovies), Camille Lopato (Diversion Cinema), Andrea Masera (Proxima Milano), Silvia Sandrone (Media Desk Italia) and Alexandrine Stehelin (Small Bang) will take part.
Moderators: Simone Arcagni and Bruno Smadja

11.15 a:m – Piemonte Lounge
Coffee break

11.30 a:m – Sala Grande

Digita! | Round table (2nd part)

12.30 p:m – Sala Grande

Digita! | Pitch

Pitch of projects chosen among those submitted to Digita!. Representatives for each project will have 10’ for their presentation to players.
Coordinated by Simone Arcagni and Bruno Smadja

Kanaga – The journey Begins, by Caterina Mongiò, Italy, Web Series
Kanaga wants to stimulate self awareness, make people ask questions, draw even more attention to the relationship between man and nature. In a time when environmentalism has opened new gates to sustainability, Kanaga aims to engage the audience in an exploration of possibilities.
Presented by: Caterina Mongiò

Seven Social Sins – Sette Peccati Digitali, by Riccardo Milanesi, Italy, Smart Series
Seventh Heaven is the name of a Whatsapp group of seven friends. Three of them face tragedies related to their obsessive use of the web. Their social media “obsessions” seem to typify three of the Seven Deadly Sins. They will soon find out that all these incidents were plotted by a maniac that has decided to punish them for their 7 digital sins.
Presented by: Riccardo Milanesi
T.H.E. The Human Extension, by Aimone Bodini, Italy, VR 360°
Embody people in a piece of art and letting them experience the mystic moment of artistic creation from a privileged and innovative point of view.
Presented by: Aimone Bodini

Tricycle, by Rossella Schillaci, Italy, VR 360°
A virtual reality 360° documentary that explores the world of children living in prison with their mothers. We will follow the kids within their own living space, with a camera close to them. The film immerses the spectator inside a closed institution and offers an insight from a special perspective: the children’s one.
Presented by: Rossella Schillaci

Twinky Doo’s Magic World, by Alessandro Izzo, Italy, Web Series
Four robbers take refuge in a warehouse, after a heist gone bad at Twinky Doo’s Magic World, a theme park for families. The Police has surrounded the place, but the real threat is not outside. A drama horror web series, but also an auteur project: a story about the lost and the losers, a political statement about the dark side of capitalism.
Presented by: I Licaoni

1.30 p:m – Sala Biliardo and Sala Filosofi
Lunch – By invitation only

2.30 p:m – Sala Grande

Digita! | Talks

A round of talks aimed at presenting some of the international scene operating in the field of digital contents.
Speakers: Loren Hammonds (Programmer, Film & Experiential – Tribeca Film Festival), Girolamo Da Schio (Torino Virtual Reality Festival), Rose of Dolls (Bilbao Seriesland), Bruno Smadja (Cross Video Days – Mobile Film Festival).
Moderator: Simone Arcagni

2.30 p:m – 6.00 p:m – Sala Gioco

Digita! | One-to-one meetings
Meetings among Digita! players present and digital contents
projects will be organized by TSFM. Each lasts 10’.
Once the programmed meetings are over, equipment in the
room may be used for informal on the spot meetings.

5.00 p:m – Sala Grande

Digita! | VR Workshop

Virtual Reality workshop held by Impersive VR – Guido Geminiani
Guido Geminiani will guide us through the production world of video 360° and Virtual Realty.
The introducory lab is aimed at helping to understand what the technologies and tools are. To provide some orientation as concerns the opportunities and issues connected with production of these contents.

6.00 p:m – Sala Biliardo and Sala Filosofi
Film Commission Torino Piemonte cocktail – By invitation only

For more info: Torino Short Film MarketCentro Nazionale del Cortometraggio


Giusy Mandalà 


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