La Théorie du Y: Bisexuality, Theater, Kinsey and Web. The Interview with the Authors

La Théorie du Y tells the story of Anna, a young woman of 24 years old, struggles with her first job and that is engaged with Matteo. Every Sunday, for years, Matteo brings Anna from her parents to eat the gratin. But this isn’t a Sunday like all the others. Suddenly, something explodes breaking the routine and leading the protagonist to call into question everything she believed in and to wonder about her own sexual identity and desire.

Produced by RTBF (Radio-Télévision Belge de la Communauté Française), La Théorie du Y is a webseries composed of eleven episodes, which explores with humor and delicacy a sexual orientation of which we know and talk little, trying to disassemble stereotypes and prejudices and giving back a fresh and truthful portrait.

Among the main actors we find Léone François as the protagonist and at her side Colin Javaux (Matteo), Ophélie Honoré (Claire) and Salim Talbi (Malik).

But let Caroline Taillet and Martin Landmeters, the authors, as well as the directors and the screenwriters of the series, tell us about the creation of La Théorie du Y.



What inspired you to create La Théorie du Y?

 Caroline Taillet & Martin Landmeters (CT & ML): At first, La Théorie du Y is a play, that Caroline wrote and directed. The idea of the play came to her when she wrote her thesis about “bisexuality and theatre”. She tried to find plays about this subject, but she couldn’t find much. So she decided to write the play. Then the idea to adapt it came to her and she decided to work with Martin on it. The theme and the main character are the same, but the adaptation from theatre to screen definitely offered a lot of challenges and imposed an entire renewing of the story.

You have participate in the competition announcement of RTBF and your project has been selected together with other 4 in order to produce a pilot. Then the public have voted your series to discover the sequel. Tell us about it.

CT & ML: For three years the RTBF (public broadcast in Belgium) has been lauching a competition for young and new talents by offering them to produce a webserie. We first had to write a file, that they selected with the 4 other projets. Each of us received 10.000 € to direct a first pilot episode of 7 minutes. Then the public had to vote. We were lucky to win, and received 100.000 € to make 10 more episodes. Maybe the public was eager to see a series about a theme that is almost never tackled. The rules of the competition were nevertheless hard: we only had 6 months to write, prepare, shoot and finish the whole postproduction of the series. Those months were really tough, even if we learned a lot and we are happy with what we achieved.


What is the strong point of the series and what is the message that it has the purpose to communicate?

CT & ML: We think that the main point may be the theme. Bisexuality is almost never tackled in fiction, or not directly as we did. Through our research, we realised that they were a lot of conventional wisdow about it. The first is simply that it does not exist, that bisexual people cannot choose, are indecisive, only want to have a gay experience once or don’t assume their homosexuality…and when bisexuality is acknowledged, then people think they are cheaters or only are interested in threesomes. The idea that someone can be attracted by both genders is not yet in the minds, although it concerns a lot of human beings.

Tell us about the storytelling done through the chat of the Facebook page of the series before its broadcasting.

CT & ML: This was a request of the RTBF, who has a whole crew working on the “webcreation” and emphasizes on the interactive possibilities offered by the web. They created a chat who automatically answered you as if you were Anna, the main character of the series. You have to take decisions, and the chat brings you through differents patterns, accompanied with games or music… they created this fun tool to promote the webseries. We also created together a test, based on the idea of the Kinsey Scale, that calculates your percentage of bisexuality. It is not scientific of course, but it can help people understand that everything is not black or white and that sexual orientation can be flexible and not striclty sticked to one attraction.



What is your background as a webseries author?

CT & ML: Actually, we don’t have one. Caroline has a background as actress, playwriter and playdirector, and used her skills to focus more on the directing of actors and the text and intentions. Martin directed many music videos and advertisments videos, so he had the background to handle the visual and creative part of the job, as well as to focus on the soundtrack, which is really important in the webseries. But it was for both of us our first experience as fiction directors.

What are your future plans for this series and when will be broadcast the second season?

CT & ML: We would really be excited to write and produce a second season. We are currently looking for producers, and nothing has been decided yet.

La Théorie du Y has caught much curiosity and has achieved a lot of success both in print and social, moreover it has been awarded at the Swiss Web Festival, winning the prize as the Best Fiction both from the Jury and from the public. All the episodes of the series are avaialble on RTBF Auvio, Facebook e YouTube.

Stefania Ingrassia





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