Connections – Ten Sentimental Stories


Connections, ten sentimental stories (Connessioni, dieci storie sentimantali) is a webseries made by ten sentimental episodes produced by the newspaper LaRepubblica in collaboration with Cattleya.

The series is about a love’s modern story during the modern era of the internet which underlines the double nature of web and its hidden potentiality. This means that it betrays completely interpersonal relationships making them like a fiction; or it can be viewed, by our common sense, like a medium that allow you to collect on the screen of a pc the whole dynamic of the family disjoined: from the “hustle and bustle of modern life” as happen in the first episode “Aldo and Sara”.

The characters of this webseries are lonely men, adventurer boys, dolt teenagers, mature women and young girls. All of them are looking for a “connection” (a kind of relationship) with the other, that is becoming more habitual and natural through the web. As example, a father will connect with his faraway daughter, a modern traveller will meet a young woman just divorced.

It’s important to remember the presence of a survey under the screen of the video. It allows audience to join with the webseries, choosing the possible reaction that each people would have if they were in the place of the characters.

Mattia Li Puma


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