#IDSAcademy2017: the second day

The second day of IDSAcademy was held yesterday in Cantieri Culturali della Zisa. First the participants have been involved in an “Ice Breaking” session so they could know each other better by playing a game. After that there was the match making pitching session: videomakers presented their projects and showed teasers of documentaries still in development. They received suggestions and feedback from experts, producers and directors.

The projects were 12: Nel mondo by Danilo Monte and Laura D’Amore is a follow-up to a film about IVF and it talks about Alessandro’s (the director’s son) first year of life; L’ultimo volo per Punta Raisi by Gaetano Di Lorenzo is an attempt to solve the mystery behind the plane crash occurred on 5 May 1972; Tango mucho qué contar by Federico Savonitto talks about Morgana, a tango singer from Livorno, who dreams to go to Argentina and start a new life; Obaida by Leonardo Cinieri Lombroso is a documentary about a syrian man who runs away from the war thanks to a scolarship in La Sapienza University in Rome; The brutalist project by Carlotta Berti is a film about public houses’ demolition in London; La classe by Pierfrancesco Li Donni focuses on the story of a secondary school class from Zisa, a district of Palermo, guided by a teacher who has an alternative approach; Il colore di sera by Spartaco Capozzi talks about an old woman who starts to paint and become an outsider artist; Because of my body by Francesco Cannavà shows the case of the first class for sexual assistants in Italy; Il tango della vita by Erica Liffredo treats the life of Claudio, a man suffering from Parkinson’s disease since 2001, and the way he successfully faces this syndrome thanks to his wife’s love and tango; Il quinto figlio by Roberta Samperi and Ciro Valerio Gatto is a documentary about the indipendent newspaper “Il soldo” during 70s and 80s, about the founder Aurelio Samperi and his family; Scarti by Sara Pigozzo and Enrico Meneghelli narrates the story of some boys that live at the very edge of Pianura Padana and found a metal band, although they’re not sure if they want to stay or leave the town; Una vita normale by Irene Sollazzo shows the life of a journalist under police protection since August 2014.

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In the afternoon three experts discussed about experiences and good practises in the field of production and distribution. Stefano Tealdi talked about documentaries’ themes that achieved success among international audience; Fabio Mancini explained how Doc3 works; Caterina Turroni presented the case of Mary Beard, a classic history teacher in Cambridge who became the famous protagonist of a TV show broadcasted by BBC.

In the evening IDSAcademy staff set Individual Meetings, basically a session on one-to-one dialogues between directors and producers.

Claudio Macaluso



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