A special preview for Human Flow at #IDSAcademy2017

The Rouge et Noir Cinema of Palermo is again the place for a new special projection related to IDS Academy 2017. It’s time for Human Flow, a documentary (in competition at the Venice International Film Festival) by the famous Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, already protagonist this year in Palermo with his installation Odissey at the Cantieri Culturali della Zisa.

Human Flow, a film about today’s migratory phenomenon involving 65 millions of people, was introduced yesterday by Alessandro Rais, director of Sicilia Film Commission; Massimo Arvat, founder of IDSAcademy; Paola Nicita, art critic and journalist. Alessandro Rais talked about the ambition of the work (more than a year of shooting, 200 people in the troupe, 23 countries visited…), and he explained how it has dived the critics, part of which didn’t appreciate the abuse of the aerial shots and the frequent appearance of Ai Weiwei’s figure in the movie. However, Paola Nicita described how this practice is recurrent in Ai Weiwei’s aesthetic, and she briefly deepend his past as artist and political dissent. Massimo Arvat concluded this presentation by expressing his great appreciation of the documentary for its strength.

From the persecution of the Rohingya minority in Myanmar to the Syrian Diaspora, from the landings of African migrants in Sicily to the walls between Mexico and united states, Human Flow is a non-linear trip through the earth. The aerial shots effectively give us the idea of the vastity of the phenomenon, but the artist pays attention to the single stories as well, the hope of these migrants, the various reasons of their escape, their dramatic situations. Matters as the closure of borders, the Human Rights, the war inevitably emerge. The very length of the movie (140 min.) is a portrait of this multitude of voices and factors.

The end of the documentary is also the end of this second day for IDSAcademy. We’re ready for the conclusion of the event at Cantieri Culturali and Palazzo Riso, stay tuned!

Calogero Gambino


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