Today starts the new edition of Bilbao Seriesland

The Bilbao Webfestival changes its name and starts today the new edition presenting itself as the land of series, an ideal “serial’s neverland” where the world wide series can meet and match each other. Continue reading Today starts the new edition of Bilbao Seriesland

Poppy: A Transmedia Youtuber

Almost three years passed since the first video on this curious, strange Youtube channel called “Poppy” which still produces regular new content. The project is a bit mysterious and its videos are often unsettling, but maybe this is the very reason behind the web-chattering and its success (videos like this one count millions of visitors). Continue reading “Poppy: A Transmedia Youtuber”

La Théorie du Y: Bisexuality, Theater, Kinsey and Web. The Interview with the Authors

La Théorie du Y tells the story of Anna, a young woman of 24 years old, struggles with her first job and that is engaged with Matteo. Every Sunday, for years, Matteo brings Anna from her parents to eat the gratin. But this isn’t a Sunday like all the others. Suddenly, something explodes breaking the routine and leading the protagonist to call into question everything she believed in and to wonder about her own sexual identity and desire. Continue reading “La Théorie du Y: Bisexuality, Theater, Kinsey and Web. The Interview with the Authors”

Dplay: An OTT Platform Full of Original Webseries

  Dplay is an OTT platform where people can watch streaming and on-demand videos.  It’s thought for enjoy  audiovisual contents with all devices (smartphone, pc, tablet). Inside it we can find a section dedicate to webseries, where there are famous actors and characters who come from the Italian world’s web. A lot of newness like for example: Segreti, Età dell’oro, Untraditional, etc. Dplay is one … Continue reading Dplay: An OTT Platform Full of Original Webseries

Connections – Ten Sentimental Stories


Connections, ten sentimental stories (Connessioni, dieci storie sentimantali) is a webseries made by ten sentimental episodes produced by the newspaper LaRepubblica in collaboration with Cattleya.

The series is about a love’s modern story during the modern era of the internet which underlines the double nature of web and its hidden potentiality. This means that it betrays completely interpersonal relationships making them like a fiction; or it can be viewed, by our common sense, like a medium that allow you to collect on the screen of a pc the whole dynamic of the family disjoined: from the “hustle and bustle of modern life” as happen in the first episode “Aldo and Sara”. Continue reading “Connections – Ten Sentimental Stories”

#IDSAcademy2017: the ending day

The third edition of #IDSAcademy2017 ended yesterday. Once again there was an ice breaking session. Participants were involved in a team game aimed to improve collaboration. The following activity was called Spazio Wiki Doc, a new working process to discuss projects (visual facilitation fishball). Experts and directors shared a collaborative space to promote creative solutions. The projects were two and their presentations started an intense … Continue reading #IDSAcademy2017: the ending day

A special preview for Human Flow at #IDSAcademy2017

The Rouge et Noir Cinema of Palermo is again the place for a new special projection related to IDS Academy 2017. It’s time for Human Flow, a documentary (in competition at the Venice International Film Festival) by the famous Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, already protagonist this year in Palermo with his installation Odissey at the Cantieri Culturali della Zisa. Human Flow, a film about today’s … Continue reading A special preview for Human Flow at #IDSAcademy2017

#IDSAcademy2017: the second day

The second day of IDSAcademy was held yesterday in Cantieri Culturali della Zisa. First the participants have been involved in an “Ice Breaking” session so they could know each other better by playing a game. After that there was the match making pitching session: videomakers presented their projects and showed teasers of documentaries still in development. They received suggestions and feedback from experts, producers and … Continue reading #IDSAcademy2017: the second day

#IDSAcademy2017: the first day

The third edition of #IDSAcademy started yesterday. This project is planned by Doc/it – Associazione Documentaristi Italiani. As the past two editions, the purpose is to bring together young videomakers and producers to share ideas, gather suggestions and promote new partnerships for documentary films productions. During the first day of #IDSAcademy the videomakers took part in the matchmaking lab. Their documentaries, still in development, were … Continue reading #IDSAcademy2017: the first day

Happy Winter opens the 2017 edition of #IDSAcademy

The 2017 edition of IDSAcademy started in an auspicious way: the projection at Rouge et Noir Cinema in Palermo of the docufilm Happy Winter, a project by Giovanni Totaro developed during the 2015 edition of #IDSAcademy. The work – which has already been projected at the Venice International Film Festival – is the result of the support of various Sicilian institutes: the director was a … Continue reading Happy Winter opens the 2017 edition of #IDSAcademy