Nove giorni al Cairo (Nine Days in Cairo): The Webseries/Docufilm on Regeni’s Murder

On the 3rd February 2016 a body with signs of torture has been found at the edge of a road near Cairo city. It was Giulio Regeni, researcher from Cambridge University, whom disappearance was reported a week before. Nove giorni al Cairo (Nine Days in Cairo) is a webseries, but also a documentary, written by Diana Ligorio and directed by Carlo Bonini and Giuliano Foschini, available on Repubblica online.

The series aims to analyze all the unsolved questions about this case of international interest and takes on the responsibility of collectivize grieving when institutions prefers to choose silence. The way the Egyptian capital is portrayed show the idea of emptiness and turmoil, as if the city kept impenetrable secrets. The testimony of people directly involved with the case represents the tortured body of the young man, like the shocked declaration of the doctor who performed the autopsy. Particularly memorable also the painful and resentful words of Giulio’s parents and the disappointment of Maurizio Massari, Italian ambassador in Cairo.

To get more details on this sad story and know the names of the Egyptian army officers involved in the murder, more information can be found in the dossier Il muro di sabbia (The Wall of Sand) created by Carlo Bonini and Giuliano Foschini, published by Repubblica. The dossier, full of photographic testimony, videos and illustrations by Marta Signori, revisits the case step by step, retracing he facts that happened after the body was found trying to fill with information and investigation the guilty absence of the Institutions.

Giulia Di Giorgio


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