Michele Pinto tells us the #WENDIEWEBFEST2017

Wendie Webfest has been my first webfestival outside Italy. After 20 kermesses attended in my country, I’ve found the same hospitality and enthusiasm as if I was at mediterranean latitude.
I was invited there for a panel after being selected by the directors Nina Heinrich e Sebastian Droschinski during the last Sicily Webfest for my new webseries Project M in the 2018’s edition. In this occation I spoke about the italian webseries scene in a dialogue with other colleagues from other countries.

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This should be the core of every festival: comparison between artists. In a world where the beauty of difference among peoples are trampled everyday, film festival like Wendie are the only happy islands where not only creatives but every dreamer can built the world of tomorrow with the bricks of tolerance, peace and, why not, a bit of madness. All good in this festival: many panel, screenings party and live music but I tell to my friends authors that I saw too many webseries about invasive social networks, in our life and daily routine. I know that smartphones and their apps have changed our existence and relations with other people, but I think that anyone who chooses to do this work, must recreate reality in a shot, with fantasy.

Schermata 2017-09-06 alle 17.00.31
To watch the video click LINK

We have to detaching us from reality to recreate a different world, a better world, a weird one. So keep on dreaming my friends!


Michele Pinto


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