Milzaman: The Street Food Superhero

Milzaman is a grotesque three episodes webseries set in Palermo, realized by the collective La Maladolescenza. The first episode was launched on December 2015:  it recounts the genesis of this bizarre superhero, alter ego of Tony Scalici, who prepares bread with spleen (local street food) for work. He undergoes a Marvel-style genetic mutation after being buried by a load of rubbish. His super-power consists in hitting the mafia enemies with slices of spleen generated from his wrists.

The B-movies of Troma Entertainment (especially “The Toxic Avenger”) are a clear inspiration, along with references to comics, Pulp movies, Zorro and the works of directors as Ciprì & Maresco.

This pastiche of trash and exploitation genres finds the perfect setting in the most degraded areas of the city, full of lewd graffiti and video-poker machines. If sometimes moments of naïveté emerge, the general atmosphere make them not to annoying. The language used is the local dialect, but the fruition is supported by Italian subtitles.

The best intuitions derive from word puns and the “Sicilization” of heroes comics tropes: the famous Spider-man move is evoked by an analogue rude Sicilian gesture, the Chinish killer lives in the city district called ZEN, the “arancine” Bomb (another local street food) explode like real bombs and so on..

Calogero Gambino



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