Cobayes Squad: a webseries against the pollution

Doing good for one’s health without getting hurt. This is the teaching who wants to give to young Cobayes Squad: the webseries launched by the french non profit organization Génération Cobayes, that in an ironic and funny way desires to inform consumers on the relationship between pollution and human health.

The webseries has been created by Grégoire Vauthier and Léa Charles, volunteers of the movement, that have also launched a crowdfunding campaign on the participatory financing platform KissKissBankBank asking for public support for the realization of the project. Once again, the public is involved to participate actively by encouraging artistic creation on the web and at the same time acting concretely to the health and wellness of all.

Cobayes Squad consists of seven episodes of about five minutes each, in each of which we find as protagonists famous french youtubers (Mathieu Dumery, Nicolas Meyrieux, Sophie Riche, Julien Menielle, Greg Romano etc.) playing the role of consumers more or less informed. Each episode faces specific themes like pesticides, electromagnetic waves, food additives, that are first explained scientifically, they are subsequently exposed the risks arising from their daily consumption and finally are given simple and concrete solutions.

The best language to spread this important message of prevention it has been identified precisely on web series, because it allows to reach, in a rapid and effective way, the greatest number possible of people, especially young that are the users more voracious of online video as well as the main reference target of the series.

The First Episodes are available on the YouTube channel of the series.
Stefania Ingrassia


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