Hooked: narrating the addiction. The new series by Luca Vecchi

Take four young, Luca, Valerio, Anna, Irina, and throw them in the roman night’s chaos, mix them with different kinds of drugs, alcohol and occasional sex adding a touch of scam and lots of bill bunches in different sizes, and serving in an overdose of strange situations and a good amount of black humor. These are the ingredients of Hooked, the new series created by Luca Vecchi and QualcosaDelGenere, and produced by Pork Chok Express, a company born for the occasion in cooperation with Marco Castaldi, a sort of first “self production” experiment with the aim to create a working, writing and producing group with whom continue to grow up in new original projects.

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Hooked is born from the will of the authors to tell from their point of view the nightlife of urban subcultures animated by borderline personalities and multiple addictions, flattened by years of social gentrification and globalized practices spread by the web. The main characters of the series are all “hooked”, addicted to something, for one reason or another: << There are those hooked to their Dionysus spirits and don’t care about the consequences of their actions, those hooked to their freindships that affect their lives inexorably and from whom can’t get free, those who are ultimeltely slave of their mental diseases and trapped in their bodies as a Virgin of Nuremberg>>*. And these apparent diversities converge indeed into a unique great addiction crossing their destinies. So Luca and Valerio involve Irina into their psycho-physical short circuit of chronic drug addiction till overdose, but theirselves are thrown into her uncoscious life becoming despite them part of the alienating condition of the elder Mistress Mariani (whom Irina is caregiver) and bringing finally into it even the honest selfe destructive nurse Anna. All of this is alternated to various narrative stiles and rhythms which pass from pulp to manga with an extreme speed and an inexorable immobility to create visually the distorting effects of differente types of drugs on the human mind and body.
However, Hooked isn’t a simple webseries, but a more complex project that winks to transmedia: it’s at the same time a tv series pilot of 23 min. and a webseries of 3 episodes each one 10 min. and it’s completed by a spinoff series in form of tutorial in which a paramedic, Romano Tallevi, gives notions on first aid on toxicological empowerment, informing and training at the same time the audience on what to do in case of overdose. The idea is to create a path that goes from the pure entertaiment to the effective dissemination; and the authors to succed their intent launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo about a month ago: the campaign with a goal of 30.000 euros will provide the production of the entire series and it’s supported by a rich catalog of personalized perks for each type of donation: << The aim is to become entirely a meritocratic series. Have you liked the first episodes? Then help us to raise the bets >> *.

HOOKED [serie] – Trailer Campagna
In supporting the crowdfunding campaign a promotional work on social pages, mainly Facebook and Youtube, presentations in various events including Wired Next Fest in Milan and Comicon in Naples, and, above all, a dissemination through some portals in line with the the topics of the series. Although Hooked hasn’t reached yet a large number of views (Facebook: 2952 like; Youtube: ep. 1 La sirena scopareccia 8.603, ep.2 Rosso come un Giaggiolo 5.470, ep.3 Animali in libertà 11.113), but it is a reciving great interest and appreciation from web festivals and film festivals around the world winning several awards including:
-Midwest Weirdfest 2017, Best Web or Tv Content;
-Festigious Film Festival, Best Web Series;
-Gold Movie Award, Best Web Series;
-Hollywood Film Competition, Best Short Gold Award;
-Depth of Field International Film Festival Competition -International Independent Film Awards, Television Pilots + Wepisodes;
-Southern Short Awards, Acting + Supporting Actor + Cinematography + Editing +Producer + Production Designer + Sound Design;
-Los Angeles Film Awards, Best Film of the Month, Best Dark Comedy, Best Web Series;
-Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, Best wepisodes/New Media;
-2016 Filmmatic Short Film Awards -2017 Largo Film Awards, Best Webseries;
-The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards, Best Web Series;
-Top Indie Film Awards 2017, Best Pilot;
The series is currently in competition at other festivals in the world; for those who would like to know more about the project and support the indiegogo campaign here are the reference pages:





Luca Vecchi

Luca Vecchi

Pork Chop Express

Main Characters
Luca, Luca Vecchi
Valerio, Valerio Desirò
Anna, Roberta Mattei
Irina, Irina Mattioli

Giusy Mandalà 


*Luca Vecchi Interview, Rome, May 27th 2017


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