Luttoria: A Nihilistic Webseries

Luttoria is a webseries created by Riccardo Leone and Claudio Spirito produced by collective Luttoria. At the heart of the story is the town of Latina where, amongst the straight lines of the streets and buildings, we can find contradictions, boredom, violence and mystifications. The irreverent videomakers ironically address issues such as toxic waste, selfie obsession, catholic church’s marketing operations and collective psychosis. There is no logical sequence of events but all episodes have something in common; the burden of the rationalist architecture in Latina and the disadvantages, like unemployment, which characterize the generation of young adults.

The intention of the videomakers is to highlight daily life problems, issues that we all learn to accept with resignation, but that still have a huge negative impact on young people’s minds. People who still have hopes for their future and present time. The setting is adequate to this type of message. Acting is sometimes plausible, some other time too weak, some episodes are better than others. The name Luttoria comes from “Littoria” the ancient name of the town and the word grief (in italian “lutto”).

Giulia Di Giorgio


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