Cinevana-Rio is a part of A Human Space, which is a California 501 (c) not for profit organization, which was created by a group of global artists who want to showcase the best new global films in various media in major cities around the world. The festivals are hybrids of live events, which consist of educational and philosophical discussions, screenings, networking and celebrations of cinema. In addition, they want to showcase and promote the filmmakers and writers as much as possible via online avenues and we will be launching The Film Festival Channel which will stream live portions of the events as well as eligible films from our various festivals. Currently, they have events scheduled for in 12 cities around the world, an online platform for their best one minute films and will be launching their own film channel soon. In addition, they are striving to create a global network of artists who film at our festivals, who are able to learn from one another, work together and create a global community of independent filmmakers.

Additional Info

  • Place: Rio de Janeiro
  • Month: April

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