James Franco loves movies. He loves watching them, acting in them, directing them, and even writing them. And now, he’s going to take some of his favorite movie scenes from the most famous films of all time, and re-imagine them in ways that only James can.

Additional Info

  • ORIGINAL TITLE: Making A Scene
  • PRODUCTION: Trium Entertainment, Rabbit Bandini Films
  • CO-PRODUCTION: AOL Originals
  • MEDIA: Corporate website
  • YEAR: 2014/2015
  • DIRECTOR: James Franco, Bruce Thierry, Cheung
  • CAST: James Franco, Wilmer Calderon, Cynthia Murell, Foster Reisz, Aly Mang, Nikolay Moss, Michael Czerniawski, Alessandra Fabiani, Susanne M. Gorman, Scott Haze, Kate Sutherlin McLeod, Ahna O’Reilly, Charles Prendergast, Daria Reznikova, Greg Cirignano Jr., Reema Sampat, Alicia Silverstone, Vincenzo Eadicicco, Francesca Fabiani, John Morrow, Matthew Muzio, Kerry Patton, Nicholas Teti, Raymond T. Williams, Selvi Husenaj
  • TYPOLOGY: Grassroot
  • ONGOING: Yes
  • GENRE: comedy

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