The first season of Croissant Man begins with the story of a depressed Croissant going through an existential crisis. His search for life’s meaning propels a series of events that uncover the deep-rooted oppression of junk foods by “upper crust” pastries of the Boulangerie. The foods of the Junk Food Slums tired of substandard ingredients and cheap package-housing find it is their time to demand equality and the season ends with the beginning of the Junk Food revolution. Amongst this growing unrest are stories of lost love, finding yourself, and the ultimate search for the question on every food’s mind. “Why am I here for?”

Additional Info

  • ORIGINAL TITLE: Croissant Man
  • PRODUCTION: Tulica Singh
  • MEDIA: Corporate website
  • YEAR: 2014
  • DIRECTOR: Tulica Singh
  • CAST: Valerio Esposito (Biscotti), Colette Singh (Chocolate Croissant), Tulica Singh (Croissant and Peanuts)
  • TYPOLOGY: Independent
  • ONGOING: Yes
  • GENRE: animation

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