Click! is the story of a beleaguered photography studio owner Ted (Ken Arnold), his unfiltered ex-brother in law and co-owner Jason (dan franko) and the world’s worst assistant, Nikki (nadia williams). The divorced dad will struggle to build his business and work on his relationship with his sixteen year old daughter, Rose. And deal with a cast of characters who challenge his every move – Wayne, the building owner who assigned Nikki to him as part of the lease; Phillip, the owner of sophisticated rival studio ‘Say Fromage’; and his ex-wife, who sold her ownership stake in the studio to her brother, ”to annoy him, constantly”.

Additional Info

  • PRODUCTION: Chris Mueller
  • YEAR: 2014
  • DIRECTOR: Jamie Nash
  • CAST: Ken Arnold, Dan Franko, Nadia Williams
  • CONTRIBUTORS: Chris Mueller
  • TYPOLOGY: Independent
  • ONGOING: Yes
  • GENRE: comedy

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