Burning Wishes is a black comedy about death, friendship and good ol’ fashioned grave-robbing. The Geraghty Brothers are the embodiment of the disillusionment that permeates Ireland today – abandoned and uncared for as children, they’ve survived on their wits alone throughout their directionless lives. But things can only go so far before someone shouts stop and in his life Seamus has reached that point.

Additional Info

  • ORIGINAL TITLE: Burning Wishes
  • PRODUCTION: Deadpan Pictures
  • CO-PRODUCTION: RTE’s Storyland
  • MEDIA: Corporate website
  • COUNTRY: Ireland
  • YEAR: 2015
  • DIRECTOR: Vincent Gallagher
  • CAST: Mark Doherty, Colum McDonnell, Barry Murphy, Dawn Bradfield, Donncha Crowley, Morgan Jones
  • CONTRIBUTORS: Cian McGarrigle
  • TYPOLOGY: Grassroot
  • ONGOING: Yes
  • GENRE: comedy

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