“Il gusto a tavola” the New Coca Cola Webseries

Coca-Cola, a company that has always been working hard on product promotion, chose to start a new advertising campaign based on a brand-oriented webseries, called “Il Gusto a tavola”. The series started on May 12 and it consists of six episodes. Each one of them is released every two weeks. At the beginning of each episode Riccardo Rossi, webseries’ protagonist, walks around a supermarket trying to get an invitation to lunch. After he made fool of himself by being refused, the italian actor offers to pay for a person’s groceries in exchange for an invitation.

 During the episode Riccardo helps a consumer to choose the ingredients for a special lunch or dinner menu. The name of each ingredients must start with the same letter, also connected to the topic of the dinner. Indeed the characters must buy products starting with the letter “F” in case of a family lunch, or starting with the letter “C” of the word “cuore” (the italian translation for “heart”) to fulfill a romantic dinner etc. “Il Gusto a tavola” is a brand-oriented webseries, so the consumer can’t come back home without buying a bottle of Coca-Cola, the only product able to make the meal even tastier. As soon as it’s time to cook, Riccardo Rossi gets help from a different food blogger during each episode: Alice Agnelli from A Gipsy in the Kitchen, Flavia Imperatore also known as Misya, Giorgia Di Sabatino from Cookthelook, Maurizio Rosazza Prin from Chissenefood, Ramona Pizzano from Farina, Lievito e Fantasia e Sandra Salerno from Un tocco di zenzero.

They have to invent a recipe specially for the occasion by using the previously chosen ingredients. They show the different phases to prepare the dish during the episode. The meal is finally ready to eat, and everyone enjoys the food and Coca-Cola, the drink that allows the perfect combination. The multinational corporation publishes the webseries on his YouTube channel and promotes it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Together with the webseries, the company also runs a cooking contest: contenders should upload an original recipe and a photo of the dish within September 30. They must cook by using ingredients starting with the same letter, as they saw in the webseries. The winners will be selected in a raffle, and there is the opportunity to win a dinner made by a private chef. Coca-Cola is making a bet on two popular trends: webseries and cooking shows. By motivating its customers to share their dishes, the company combines the advertising campaign based on the webseries with the user-generated content of cooking enthusiasts.



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