Ibridazione Postmediale: Giorgia Lodato’s Blog

We are proud to point you the blog Ibridazione Postmediale (Postmedia Hybridization) by Giorgia Lodato, one of our young collaborators.

As Giorgia Lodato said:

This blog is about the Postmedia Hybridization with the aim is to trace a lines showing the new digital proposal. The blog talk about the new devices application on everyday, an approach that throws us away, even more to a new concept of life – not only considered modern – but even more oriented to the near future , what it doesn’t seem so far anymore. Some Postmedia application are analysed from the origin of the Oculus Rift, like the innovative surfaces of the Corning Incorporeted’s project and wearable interfaces like bracelets, rings and headbands. A particular attention goes to the section about videogames that are starting from Spike Jones’ film Her dated 2013, an explicative example of the relationship between man and videogames.

Stay Tuned


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