Excape Martina: The New Facebook Live Series By Riccardo Milanesi

Excape Martina is the new digital storytelling project by Riccardo Milanesi. It takes inspiration from the thriller-horror genre of “home invasion” movie, such as Funny Games, The Strangers, Them, You’re the Next, etc. But this narrative scheme is now adapted for Facebook and its live streaming app. Excape Martina is a new kind of fiction, deeply interactive and participatory, in which users will help the protagonist to survive escaping form a room. The plot is very simple, while the intraction and participation are deep:

Martina wakes up in an unknown house. She doesn’t understand what is going up. On the table there is a smartphone broadcasting a live video form Facebook, and a card wherein is written “You have just 16 mnutes to escape safe from here. Who is going to help you?”

So, Martina should live with the help of live streaming audience on Facebook. This new amazing digital project by Riccardo Milanesi will be introduce for the first time Sunday 01-10 at 15.00 pm at Rome Web Fest (30/09-02/10) at MAXXI Museum. Who wants a reservation to participate at the live event must send an email at excapemartina@romawebfest.it

For furthermore information, please click the LINK.


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