Visioni Digitali. A Short Report

Within the digital literature we don’t have a map that help us to extend our knowledge about web and digital media. This gap is perfect filled from the new book Visioni digitali. Video, web, tecnologie (Digital Vision. Videos, Web, Technologies) by Simone Arcagni. The book was introduced at Palermo’s Feltrinelli by Emanuele Crescimanno, whom started from the forefront intuition of Paul Valery and Walter Benjamin, to arrive at the definition of postcinema, focusing on the terms hybrid and remix, recurrent themes of the Arcagni’s text.

The author wants to create a digital vocabulary discussing with characters like Mark Shepard, Derrick de Kerchove and so on. The intention of Arcagni is to find better definition that get out of the way dichotomy’s rhetoric good-bad connected to the world of technology, in fact digital code is a communication system linked to the communication culture – as Lev Manovich wrote – that absorbed all around, like an electric flux that it can be stopped, but from which is already possible to exit. As Luciano Floridi wrote in The Fourth Revolution. It is what happening in postcinema, which assumes the language of the cinema to modify it as an ontological interactive software. A special attention goes to the last chapter where Arcagni starts from the theoretical history of digital media to analyze studies about neurosciences and robotics and the experiments of engineer and neuroscientist. This chapter leaves an open way for a next new book that will analyze the development of those practices here described – the “to be continued” formula that leave us with the broken breath.

Together with Crescimanno there was Vito Campanelli who has brought the question of cannibalization of the previous media system by the actual metamedia, that is approaching languages and mode mixing all the rest. For Campanelli is very important to give a new life to the phenomenology for the critical study of metamedia, in a way to organized the research subjects to find out the support of the connection with other medium. Mapping is an important instrument and practice to give a form to the metamedia that characterized the postcinema galaxy, but Campanelli also recommend to observe very well,with attention the new aesthetics, grammars and new expressions that they generate


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