#SicilyWebFest: meeting the protagonists

The past June 29th and 30th the fourth edition of the Sicily Web Fest took place at Gibellina (Sicily). We interviewed some of the protagonists. Continue reading “#SicilyWebFest: meeting the protagonists”


The fourth edition of #SicilyWebFest is starting

The sirocco blows toward Gibellina, together with the Web Wind: Sicily Web Fest 2018 starts today its two-days edition, for the first time as guest of the Scirocco Wine Fest. The fourth year of SWF, founded by Riccardo Cannella and his Cinnamon Production, will begin at 5:30 pm at Palazzo di Lorenzo for the opening ceremony, consisting in the jury and guest presentation, before a … Continue reading The fourth edition of #SicilyWebFest is starting

#TSFM18: Proxima Milano awards #Digita

As we announced last time (here you find the article), Digita‘s call is on line until next September 10th ;
the selected projects will have the opportunity to meet and match with national and international decision makers through a non stop dialogue between pitches and one-on-one meetings. Continue reading “#TSFM18: Proxima Milano awards #Digita”

Everything is ready for #SicilyWebFest 2018

Mercato San Lorenzo of Palermo was the place of the presentation event for the Scirocco Wine Fest and the Sicily Web Fest. Press officers, students and good wine lovers assisted to the description of the program and the events that will take place in Gibellina since the 28 of June. Continue reading “Everything is ready for #SicilyWebFest 2018”

Women, LGBTQI & Allies: video games and gender identity

Last June 1th, the CSC – Sede Sicilia hosted the conference “Women, LGBTQI & Allies: videogames and gender identity” organized by DIGRAItalia in collaboration with Sicilia Queer filmfest, Cirque, Women in Games Italia and our participation. We talked with the organizers. (Click on the link below the image and you will arrive directly on our Youtube Channel) Calogero Gambino, Claudio Macaluso     Continue reading Women, LGBTQI & Allies: video games and gender identity

Scale 1:5: The Webdoc on the Restoration of Sala Beckett in Barcelona

Scale 1: 5 is a webdoc that tells the architectural restoration of the Sala Beckett Theater in Barcelona, ​​a building dating back to the 1920s that originally housed a club for workers, so a place dedicated to the community and social activities.

The series consists of five episodes lasting about ten minutes each, each of which is dedicated to a different phase of restoration. The titles of the five episodes are in fact: Roofs and Walls, Doors and Windows, Pavements, Stairs and Furnitures.

Continue reading “Scale 1:5: The Webdoc on the Restoration of Sala Beckett in Barcelona”

Estremi rimedi (Extreme Reliefs): A Comedy Webseries About Job Market in the Age of Social Networks

Estremi rimedi is a comedy webseries by Francesco Mazza and Daniele Silvio Balestrino. They play also the main characters. Francio and Silvio are thirty-year-old without money. They are searching for a job in Milan and try to reach a turning point in several ways: by seducing a divorced mother, becoming fashion bloggers, having absurd interviews and getting hired as social media managers. Continue reading “Estremi rimedi (Extreme Reliefs): A Comedy Webseries About Job Market in the Age of Social Networks”